Side Hinged Garage Doors

If you’re looking for a unique feature for your home, side roll garage doors are the perfect addition. This style of garage door gives you a seamless entrance into garage, which can be designed to blend in with the aesthetic of your property. A garage door doesn’t need to be an obvious add-on to a home, without any thought to how it contributes to the overall look of the property. Your home deserves to have a garage that looks sophisticated and a garage door that saves space, as well as improving safety. A rolling door is the ideal solution to deliver high-end results that you can rely on.

Side Hinged Garage Doors

Side Hinged Garage Doors

When you choose a stunning design from our side hinged garage doors, you can feature a door in your garage that perfectly fits your home’s style. Thanks to the rolling track system, you can select a door that opens and closes on a curve, allowing you to create perfectly smooth lines for your home. You also get an incredibly smooth opening mechanism, with a choice of either automatic or manual opening and closing. Every door that we make is custom designed to complement the building and seamlessly integrate with the existing structure.

We don’t want your garage door to be purely functional. You should have the chance to create a space for your vehicle or a storage area in your home that is also super chic and stylish. Side roll garage doors integrate into your home for superior performance and aesthetics. With over 50 years of experience behind us, Rundum Meir delivers unbeatable products and service. Our doors are recognized as some of the best available by architects, designers and builders throughout Europe and are now gaining a strong reputation for quality and innovation in North America too.

Side hinged garage doors have a number of fantastic advantages for any high-end home. If you’re looking to add some practical luxury to your property, it makes sense to add a side rolling door to your garage. When you install a slide closing door, you enjoy safety benefits that are not available with a traditional over the top garage door. Using our automated system, obstructions are detected to prevent anything becoming trapped. When something is in the way, the doors will reverse to avoid injuries to people or pets and damage to your vehicle and other objects.

You have full control over your garage door with a side hinged door. It allows you to open or close it as much as you like, meaning you can have a convenient pedestrian entrance when you don’t need to bring your vehicle in or out. There’s no need to open the door all the way when you just want to walk through, and no need to open up your whole garage for everyone to see. The quiet opening and closing motion minimizes disturbances and makes it easier than ever to use your garage.\

Talk to us about our side rolling garage doors to design a custom garage door that look incredible in your home.


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