Cornerless Garage Doors - cantilever garage door

Meanwhile, for narrow or unusually shape lots, designing an easily accessible garage can sometimes be a challenge. Therefore, a cantilever garage is a creative solution that allows for living space above without the need for support posts that limit garage access.

Rundum Meir offers cantilever garage doors that can accommodate this type of construction, with the added benefit of fully retracting for maximum access to the garage space.

In fact, Rundum Meir custom garage doors allow for full or partial opening for an easy to use pedestrian entrance. In the case of a cantilever garage, the ability to fully open our horizontal sliding garage doors allow for even greater access and usability of the space than with a normal garage.

Cornerless Garage Doors - black

In addition to the practical purposes, cantilevered garage doors are also an excellent fit for modern designs, achieving a sense of openness and minimalism without the usual supporting posts to create visual or physical obstructions.

Further, when it comes to design, Rundum Meir custom garage doors’ options are nearly limitless. Each garage door is designed to fit the individual project and handmade from premium materials.

Our doors can be constructed from aluminum, steel, or many high quality wood species, including:

  • Spruce
  • Sapele
  • Hemlock
  • Larch
  • Cedar
  • European Oak
  • Douglas Fir
  • Iroko
Cornerless Garage Doors - black with wood

In fact, our cantilever garage doors can be build with manual or automated operation. However, the creation of our unique modify garage door system provides the highest levels of convenience, functionality and safety, exceeding the Underwriters Laboratory’s code for side sliding garage doors.

Rundum Meir of North America works directly with architects and designers to provide superior custom garage door solutions.

Want to learn more about Rundum Original and Side Sectional doors, or to get help with your next design project? Contact Rundum Meir today!


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