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Carriage houses, or “coach houses,” were the smaller outlying buildings often found on the large estates or manors in the 19th century. These structures, built to house horse-drawn carriages in these bygone eras, held a certain romantic charm that modern day garages often lack.

While the days of horses and buggies are long gone, a carriage house garage door can infuse a home with this same charm, blending into a classic architectural design.

Carriage house garage doors are typically a double door design that opens out to allow entry and exit. While visually this is very striking, it’s not always practical for day-to-day use. Rundum Meir’s Side Sectional doors offer a modern twist on these classic carriage house garage doors that is elegant and beautiful while also being safe and easy to use.

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Achieve A Carriage House Garage Door Look With Side Sectional Doors

Rundum Meir garage doors are entirely custom designed and hand-built to the design needs of each project. If you’re looking for a concave garage door to nestle into a hillside, we can help you achieve it. If you’d like a carriage house garage door look but with easier use and more flexibility in design and function than the standard outward opening double doors, we will exceed your expectations.

Side sectional doors are built from premium construction materials and can be made from high-quality wood. The door design can also include windows to allow natural lighting into the garage area.

Unlike standard carriage house garage doors, Rundum Meir’s side sectional doors are side sliding, quickly and easily disappearing into your garage upon opening. The door mechanism is convenient and so easy to operate that a child can open or close the door on their own.

Rundum Meir Round-the-Corner doors can be partially opened to create a pedestrian entrance, and the door can be built to navigate around obstacles along the garage interior, such as pipes or columns. Unusual elevations such as arches and curves are also easily accommodated.

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Get Help With Your Carriage House Style Garage Door Today

For more than 50 years, Rundum Meir has helped architects and designers around the world to bring their visions to life, from single family homes to multi-family residential complexes and more.

Our dedicated team is available to help throughout the process of planning and ordering a bespoke garage door for your next design project.

Contact Rundum Meir today to get started!

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