curved garage doors - Downley House

When it comes to adding curved garage doors into a contemporary design project, Rundum Meir can help. Our bespoke garage doors are hand-made from the highest quality materials and components, with minimal size and elevation restrictions and a wide range of design options.

Rundum Original garage doors can be built in convex or concave curves, from either high quality wood or insulated aluminum panels with a variety of color and faux wood finishes.

An excellent example of a Rundum Meir convex garage door is Downley House, a project in the UK that transformed the ruins of an old farmhouse into dramatically contemporary home.

The design is marked by sumptuous curves and sleek lines, and the convex garage door opens into the double garage and service rooms, which are tucked discretely into the hillside.

curved garage doors - Downley House
Downley House in the United Kingdom

Advantages of Rundum Meir Curved Garage Doors

When you’re reaching for greatness in both design, construction and functionality, Rundum Meir’s curved garage doors fulfill that promise. Every door is custom made and built by hand with the help of a dedicated design team to assist you throughout the process, answering every question and ensuring that no step is missed in planning, ordering and optimizing your Rundum Meir curved garage door.

Our convex and concave garage doors exceed safety standards and expectations. The side sliding design is built to function easily without the troublesome parts that often cause issues on standard garage doors. There are no tension springs and no chains to break and put those nearby in danger of injury from flying parts or falling doors. The simple design works flawlessly.

Rundum Original doors are available in both manual and automated options. For automated solutions, our door-mounted motor is engineered specifically for Rundum Meir systems with 2 channel remote control handsets that are homelink compatible. The motor also features contact-free limit switches and an auto reverse function that triggers when the door encounters any obstruction.

Our curved garage doors open and close smoothly with almost no noise and can easily be opened manually by anyone. Partial opening is also possible, allowing for a pedestrian door within a door into your garage.

Want to learn more about Rundum Original and Side Sectional doors, or to get started on your curved garage door design? Click here to contact Rundum Meir for more information!

curved garage doors - full shot


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