Build yourself sliding garage doors DIY

Did you know that the garage door is open and shut at least 1,000 times per year, but it is the most neglected one too? You may be on your way to work, going out to run errands, or maybe dropping the kids to school, but the garage door is the last thing on your mind. A sudden failure could cause you to be late to that important meeting that could enhance your career plans.

It is also the most massive moving object in the house. And, like all moving parts, these doors also wear out; and eventually, a garage door repair will be needed. Also, maintenance helps spot any wear out quickly, while an overhaul can provide adjustments, lubrication and tightening, not to mention expensive repairs later.

Build yourself sliding garage doors DIY

Build yourself sliding garage doors DIY

How to know if your door needs a maintenance overhaul?

Here are the signs that your garage door needs maintenance:

  • Screeching noise – Scraping or grinding can mean a piece of hardware has come loose or debris is caught in the door tracks.
  • Shuddering – An indication the tracks, hinges, and bolts need to be repaired or replaced. Excess movement can put a strain on various parts, reducing their operating life and adding more costs to repairs.
  • Difficulty in closing or opening the door – When in need of maintenance or garage door repair, you may notice the door hesitates when opening or closing. It may not open/close at all.
  • Visible damage – Any damage should be repaired right away, but wood doors are especially vulnerable to cracks, holes, and rot. Peeling paint can accelerate wear. If not refinished and maintained, the door will continue to deteriorate, as UV rays penetrate the surface and moisture enters holes or cracks.
  • Spike in energy bills – Older, less-efficient systems contribute to increased energy bills every month. If the utility company is charging you more, check how the door is working or have it inspected.

If your garage door is old, consider inspecting it more often. The demand for maintenance on aging systems is typically higher. Therefore, if the problem persists or if the bills are long, then opting to change the door is the best option. However, choosing the right door for your car is a much more complicated job than it may seem to be.

There is a plethora of doors that you may have to choose from when deciding on replacing your garage door.

Types of garage doors

Garage doors come in four basic categories:

  • They may swing out,
  • swing up,
  • roll up, or
  • Slide to the side.

Out of the four types of doors mentioned above, the best is the sliding garage door which not only is a cheap option but also is the most reliable and most comfortable systems to operate.

You can either hire professionals to fix a sliding garage door for you; else if you are on a budget mode then, you can do-it-yourself.

Follow the following steps to set up a sliding door all by yourself at a very low cost:

  1. Build The Frame

Start by making a wooden frame that is the same dimension as your wooden boards. At this point the structure may feel a little wobbly and clumsy, but that’s okay.

      2. Cover It Up

You can nail your Masonite to the frame, fix it with adhesive, or pin it down with brads. If you glue it, allow to dry overnight undisturbed. If it was nailed, carry on to the next step!

      3. Fix wheels now

After determining which end of your door will be at the bottom attach your wheels. If you want the door to roll side to side, buy wheels that go in only one direction (that’ll even be cheaper).

      4. Add Hinged Loops

Attach them to the top of the door with wooden screws.

      5. Add the Pipe

This is first step to assembling the hardware. Slide the pipe through the hinged loops on the top of the door. Get the pipe cut at the hardware store itself according to the size of your space.

      6. Add Angles and Flanges

Add any angled pieces required and flanges to the end of your pipe.

      7. Level & Mark

This step might seem like it will be easy, but in all reality, the more hands the merrier, so ask your neighbour or your friends to lend a helping hand! Place the level on top of the door. Hold the door in place and mark holes for your screws to attach the plumbing pieces to the wall.

     8. Tack it all

Attach the plumbing hardware to the wall, and it’s a success. You’ve just build a sliding garage door all by yourself.

If you have been able to put up a sliding door successfully, then kudos to you, however, if you haven’t tasted success, remember that the fitting of a garage door is not something that should not be undertaken by a novice and doing so may void a warranty. It is usually advisable to employ a specialist contractor to fit a new garage door.

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