Horizontal Bifold Garage Door

Horizontal Bifold Garage Door Track and Brace Installation

A garage might often be a purely functional place to keep your vehicle. However, as long as there have been garages, people have been finding ways to make some of them a cut above the rest. Designing a garage with style and sophistication shows that it’s a space that’s as deserving of care and attention as any other part of a home. A garage and its door are significant for a property’s curb appeal, and there’s no reason a garage can’t be a stunning feature and not something that’s simply there because it needs to be. Rundum Meir’s horizontal garage doors are the perfect choice to elevate a garage to something special that adds to the beauty of your home or business.

Horizontal Bifold Garage Door

Horizontal Bifold Garage Door

Traditionally, garage doors open vertically. They are either manually or mechanically lifted up and over or sometimes roll upward. If you’re looking for something different, a horizontal garage door is an excellent choice for your high-end home. Our doors open up on a horizontal track to create a striking statement for any property. These smart doors easily blend into the architectural style of your home for a garage that blends in but still retains a distinctive look.

We have a range of horizontal door styles, so you can choose from a horizontal bifold garage door, roller door, side hinged doors, and more. But why choose a horizontal garage door over standard over the top garage doors? One of the best reasons to choose a garage door on a horizontal track is to improve safety. The side sliding helps to eliminate some of the safety hazards that come with an over the top door, which can include people or things getting trapped and the door becoming stuck. If an obstruction is detected, the doors automatically reverse to prevent injury or damage. With strengthening from a garage door horizontal brace, you can be sure of quality and strength.

Style is another key benefit of our beautiful horizontal custom garage doors. We offer a range of quality materials for a stunning garage door. We offer fine woods and aluminum to create our custom doors and deliver character to the exterior of any home. You can choose the right material and style to match your home, helping your garage door to seamlessly blend in with the rest of the property. Whether you choose a horizontal bifold garage door, roller door or something else, our team ensures you receive the door of your dreams.

We don’t compromise on the design and delivery of our horizontal doors. From the design to installing a garage door horizontal brace, Rundum Meir takes care of it all. We work with you to create a unique door for your garage that adds value to your home. You can choose from either our automated solution or a manual door for the option that works for you on a practical level too.

Give your home a sophisticated new feature with a luxury horizontal garage door. Each one is unique and designed just for you.


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