replace garage door with sliding door

Four Excellent Reasons to Replace Garage Door with Sliding Door

There are a number of valuable benefits to have a side opening garage door for your home. Our stylish and practical side opening garage doors can transform any garage and make it something special, or add that missing touch to a new garage design. A sliding door is different, eye-catching and just the thing to ensure sophistication and luxury in your home. Why ruin a beautifully designed home with a garage that looks like it could belong anywhere? Here are some of the excellent reasons to replace garage door with sliding door or choosing one for your brand new garage.

Replace Garage Door with Sliding Door

Replace Garage Door with Sliding Door


One of the major reasons to replace garage door with sliding door is the pure style that you can realize with a beautiful side hinged door. All of our doors are custom designed and made, so we have none in stock that we simply roll out to customers. You can guarantee that your door is unique and that it’s designed to seamlessly blend with the architecture of your home. You can choose from a range of materials, including aluminum and fine woods, with a variety of colors and textures to enjoy. The sliding motion of the door is a joy to behold too.


Rigorous safety standards are another excellent benefit of choosing a door from Rundum Meir. Our side opening garage doors remove the safety hazards that you might need to be wary of when you have a standard over the top door. Using our side sliding mechanism, you can be sure that your garage door exceeds the Underwriters Laboratory and European safety codes. The high-performance motor in our automatic system has an auto reverse function to avoid obstructions, which could help to prevent serious accidents. Choose a side opening door for superior safety.


Side opening garage doors also offer more convenience when compared to a standard garage door. With a garage door that moves up and over, you can’t enter until the door is high enough to provide head clearance, and there usually isn’t a safe option to stop it halfway through. When you have a side opening door, you can create a smaller pedestrian door for your convenience. Simply use the door operator to open the door only part way and create an entrance to your desired size. Whether you want the door fully open, half open or even less, you decide.

Lack of Noise: 

Garage doors that opens horizontally are also an excellent choice if you’re looking for a quietly operating door. A quiet door doesn’t disturb your family or your neighbours, and it doesn’t hurt your ears. You can simply enjoy the smooth opening and closing of your door, whether you’re bringing your vehicle in or out or you’re just walking through your garage. Our side garage doors operate quietly and smoothly for ease of use.

A side opening garage door isn’t just a practical garage solution. It’s also a beautiful feature to add to your home using a bespoke design.


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