Conference Room Partition - Conference Room Interior
Conference Room Partition - Conference Room Exterior

Rundum Meir’s side sliding walls are a great choice for interior applications! They add a diverse, surprise design element as a conference room partition or to other office areas.

Our team recently drafted a proposal for a major corporation to use a side sliding wall as a conference room partition. The wall slides in and out of a pocket which conceals the wall while the space is open.

Designing Finesse

Rundum Meir interior side sliding walls are typically implemented in two ways for conference rooms:

  1. A partition between rooms – flexibility to have one large room or two smaller rooms.
  2. The exterior wall between the conference room and another space, such as a lobby.

Our walls can be build of either aluminum or wood. They also come with an option to be open manually or by a motor; a simple click of a button offers the privacy you need.

Rundum Meir can accommodate almost all of your design challenges with our unique round the corner and side sliding wall systems.

Let us complete a proposal for your next project. Contact Rundum Meir today for more information.

Conference Room Partition - Outside Door Open
Conference Room Partition - Conference Room Interior


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