Side Sliding Garage Door
Side Sliding Garage Door

Chances are you’ve run into this issue several times before.

When renovating older homes, the homeowners asks if you can replace their manual garage door with a new, electric one.

Sometimes, the answer is “yes”, but making such a modern update usually comes with a price. That price is in the form of sacrificed overhead space.

How easy is replacing an old customs garage door?

Since manual garage doors didn’t need extra space for a motor, it could be lifted to sit practically flush to the garage ceiling. By adding the new garage door, tracks, and a motor, the overhead space is seriously cut down.

Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem that will help you update practically all outdated garage doors (and wind up with many more happy customers, too!) Rundum Meir’s side sliding garage doors will leave overhead space completely exposed. Homeowners can finally get rid of their outdated manual doors while still enjoying plenty of overhead space to fit their cars comfortably.

Concerned about losing all of that storage space along the garage walls? Since our side sliding garage doors require only inches of space, building a pocket wall is an effective solution. This will allow the door to tuck away behind the pocket wall and leave the space open for storage.

Click here for more information on Rundum Meir’s custom garage door options.

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