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Are you looking to add a beautiful and unique aesthetic to your luxury home? Common in Europe, sliding garage doors are quickly gaining popularity in the United States for their durability and elegance. Plus, many property owners like the fact that they are fully customizable and have no real size restrictions. Here are a few things to know before purchasing a custom designed Rundum Meir garage door.

Rundum Meir Sliding Garage Doors Are Built to Last

One important thing to understand before purchasing one of our custom designed garage doors is that they are built to last. We utilize only the finest components and hardware available to create beautiful structures that improve the overall look of your home’s exterior and give it that eye-catching factor many property owners desire. Our attention to detail, love of German engineering, and fondness of Old World craftsmanship are highly evident in each finished project. We’ve worked with many happy homeowners over the years and are proud of our past door designs.

Sliding Garage Doors Fit Inside a Specially Designed Pocket

Many homeowners want to know exactly where the sliding garage doors go when they are not in use. The simple answer is that–similar to an interior sliding door–they easily tuck into a specially designed pocket away from the opening, giving you plenty of clearance space to move in personal items or vehicles. Of course, each project is a little bit different that the next when it comes to this, so it is important to talk with our team first to determine if this is a possibility for your home.

Adding a Sliding Garage Door to Your Home Eliminates the Need for Bulky Hardware

Another benefit of purchasing custom designed garage doors from Rundum Meir is that there is no need for bulky hardware. The beautiful sliding design keeps the mechanics virtually hidden for a look that is much more elegant and appealing than traditional door style. Many homeowners prefer this style over a so-called normal garage door for this very reason.

There’s No Height or Width Restriction for a Sliding Garage Door

Have a tall opening that needs an elegant door solution? Is your garage opening too wide for a standard rolling garage door? Sliding garage doors have no height or width restriction, which makes covering a large opening much easier and cost-effective. Our doors are custom created, meaning we can work with any unusually sized space to meet your needs. This is especially ideal for luxury or architecturally unique spaces with special requirements.

There’s a Variety of Colors and Finishes to Choose From

The beauty of purchasing custom designed garage doors is that there are numerous colors and finishes to choose from. Each of our projects is fully bespoke, meaning we can match the exterior of your home or we can help give your space a whole new look. The possibilities are almost endless and our design team is always willing to help you bring your vision to life.

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