Custom Garage Doors – Side Sliding Garage Doors From Rundum Meir

Enhance the look of any building or home by installing a side sliding custom garage door from Rundum Meir. At Rundum Meir, we have been manufacturing and selling custom garage doors in Europe for over 50 years and have recently taken our unique product design to the North American market.

Our company firmly believes garage doors should be as beautiful and functional as the vehicles behind them. We take the time to get to know the requirements of our clients to create custom designed garage doors which will meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Skilled craftsmen construct each of our garage doors from the finest materials to guarantee that your new door will not just be functional, but will become a real focal point for your building.

What is a Side Sliding Custom Garage Door?

While a standard garage door opens upwards, we take our doors in a whole new direction — literally. Our custom garage doors open horizontally along a track and then optionally recede into a pocket built inside your structure. This allows our doors to accommodate a wide range of unique or challenging layouts, while at the same giving you the ability to create wider and narrower than standard openings, dramatic curves and other captivating aesthetics which are simply impossible to duplicate using traditional doors.
Besides adding unmatched design possibilities, our custom garage doors’ unique design eliminates the bulky overhead hardware required for traditional doors and helps you regain headroom allow your building to accommodate a wide range of taller vehicles. Our doors also allow the conversion of older buildings with lower ceilings into fully functioning garages.

It is All About Giving You More Options

When you work with our designers at Rundum Meir to build your custom garage door, you have access to a wide range of options so you will never have to sacrifice your sense of style for additional functionality. You can choose from our extensive list of furniture-quality woods including spruce, hemlock, cedar, European oak, larch and many more. All of our wooden doors come with an Earth-friendly coating to make sure it will continue to look great for years. We also offer durable and lightweight aluminum doors for a more modern appearance.

For homeowners who want a more traditional look, we offer a variety of sectional doors which better resemble the look of historical architecture yet provide the same benefits as our standard side sliding doors. The wider panels of our sectional doors can even accommodate windows to add interest and brighten up the interior of your garage.

Each of our bespoke garage doors come with either manual operation or as a motor-powered option with modern safety standards.

Whether you are retrofitting an existing structure to use as a garage or are building a new structure, Rundum Meir custom garage doors will provide the look and functionality you deserve.

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