Craftsmanship you would expect

For more than 50 years, Rundum Meir bespoke garage doors have been custom made from the finest components and hardware available, combining exquisite style with the old world craftsmanship you would expect from German engineering.

Rundum Meir Around-the-Corner Garage doors offer the latest safety features in design and functionality.

Automatic Custom-Made Garage Door Solutions

Rundum Meir doors are available with our distinctive automated function, which was developed to provide the highest levels of functionality and also for ultimate safety. The door-mounted garage door motor is engineered specifically for our systems with an option for a separate push button keypad inside, and a flush-mounted, key activated lock. The motor is also engineered to provide counter resistance if there is an unauthorized attempt to force open the door. The 2-channel remote control handset with Homelink Wireless Control System compatibility gives the owner piece of mind and convenience.

The motor is both high performing and low maintenance, with contact-free limit switches and an auto reverse function when the door encounters any obstruction. A partial opening can be programmed to achieve a pedestrian door within the door.

Material Options

All Rundum Meir custom-made garage doors are available in wood or insulated aluminum.
The wood used to construct the doors is hand-picked from many high quality wood species including:

  • Spruce
  • Sapele
  • Hemlock
  • Larch
  • Cedar
  • European Oak
  • Douglas Fir
  • Iroko

Other wood options are available upon request.

The solid wood panels are injected with an environmentally-friendly base coat containing an elastic seal to protect against moisture wicking. For convenience the natural wood doors can be can be stained and sealed at the factory before delivery.

Aluminum doors can be insulated for improved climate control in the garage space. These doors are powder coated in any RAL color or unique faux finish.

Side Sectional doors can also be designed to include windows for an aesthetically pleasing design as well as adding natural lighting to the garage.

Construction Design

The Rundum Meir doors can be opened to any number of widths. This gives the home owner added security when garage access is needed. The door can be opened wide enough to allow someone passage without the complete garage door being open and displaying the garage contents to anyone on the street. The door can be opened even wider for a riding lawn mower or snow blower, and even wider still, to drive a single vehicle through. The whole door within a door concept keeps part of the garage closed off to street view.

Door Construction

  • Panels are assembled using time-honored tongue and grove design
  • A variety of floor guides are available to choose from.
  • Suitable for unusual building designs, such as curved buildings, openings on a corner or a traditional building such as a coach house
  • Solid timber or insulated aluminum planks in a variety of finishes
  • Ideally manufactured for low height clearance
  • Designed to fit almost every shape of building opening

Because the weight of the garage door is supported from the top track, a small child or elderly person can easily open the door. There is no heavy lifting or relying on cables and torsion springs that can malfunction and cause the door to accidentally drop.

The hard rubber encased ball bearing, guide wheels means that there is minimal noise created while opening or closing the door. Even if you use the remote open/close option, there is minimal noise created.

With unsurpassed design flexibility, the highest quality materials, and old world craftsmanship, Rundum Meir is taking North American architecture to the next level.
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