Rundum Mier Sliding Garage doors:

Rundum Mier has accomplished numerous garage door projects in Great Britain, Ireland and other locations.

All the exterior sliding garage doors of Rundum Mier can be constructed and installed in commercial buildings, used for conceptual architecture or renovation projects, and also added to residential homes for an attractive and functionall addition to homes.

The usage of our classy sliding garage doors also put to use for the open courtyards, coach houses, boathouses, outhouses, curved buildings, oversized and the small garages. It also utilizes for underground multi-user ventilated and the safety doors of the garage.

We also provide more massive doors of the garage, i.e., 20 m wide x 4.2 m high) for the commercial as well as public buildings. We also offer attractive front and side doors, hidden doors of the garage to merge with the exteriors that give an appealing look to the exterior area of your building.

Rundum Mier is one of the best-in-class, Stirling Prize-winning new building projects(2009). The project had put to use Rundum Mier sliding timber garage doors for about 60 properities. Read More…

A memborable moment for Rundum Mier was when Rundum Mier supplied the oak clad overhead sectional doors for the renovation of the old Territorial Army stores. Read More…

Awarded as “The Most Innovative Project Award” in the Daily Telegraph Homebuilding and Renovating Awards for 2012. It is one the most unique and imaginative homes. Read More…


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