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Rundum Meir Cantilevered Garage Door Solutions For Unique Design Challenges

Custom side sliding garage doors allow for front or side entrance to cornerless garages.

[HOUSTON, TX – October 20, 2017] When you’re designing a home on a lot that is particularly narrow or unusually shaped, fitting in a garage can be a challenge. Therefore, a cantilever garage is a creative solution that allows for living space above without the need for support beams that limit garage access, but there aren’t many options for a garage door that accommodates this type of cornerless design.

Rundum Meir of North America offers a solution to this with Round the Corner garage doors that can not only satisfy the requirements of a cantilevered garage but maximum access to the garage space by fully retracting when opened.

For more than 50 years, Rundum Meir has helped architects and designers with custom garage doors solutions for even the most unusual elevations. Their horizontal sliding garage doors allow for full or partial opening that can easily be used as a pedestrian entrance. For a cantilevered garage, the ability to fully open the garage door allows for better access and usability of the space than with a normal garage.

Rundum Meir’s cantilevered garage doors are more than a practical solution to unique design needs — they are an elegant addition to a modern home. Without the usual supporting beams to create visual or physical obstructions, a cornerless garage helps achieve a sense of openness and minimalism in the overall design.

Design Options

Design options are nearly limitless with Rundum Meir custom garage doors. Each door is craft to fit individual projects and handcraft from premium materials.

Meanwhile, doors can be build from insulation aluminum or many high quality wood species, including:

  • Spruce
  • Sapele
  • Hemlock
  • Larch
  • Cedar
  • European Oak
  • Douglas Fir
  • Iroko

Meanwhile, Rundum Meir cantilever garage doors can be build with manual or automation operation. So, their unique automated garage door system was developed to provide the highest levels of convenience, functionality and safety. Therefore, it is the only garage door in the U.S. that meets the Underwriters Laboratory’s code.

About Rundum Meir of North America

Rundum Meir of North America offers an expert design team to help architects, builders and designers in planning, ordering and optimizing garage door options. Contact them today for more information.

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News From: Rundum Meir of North America Contact: Larry Vernier; 281-863-9448 Rundum Meir of North America excels in providing…

Their horizontal sliding garage doors allow for full or partial opening that can easily be used as a pedestrian...

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